The Hague, the Netherlands

Den Haag: the international city of peace and justice.

Why I really went to the Hague: I screwed up dates for a non-refundable reservation for my Amsterdam hotel, and rather than moving hotel I thought I’d move on to somewhere else and see another part of the country. And the Hague has the Escher museum, and I like Escher.

My expectations were similar to that of Washington DC before I visited: it would be very administrative, not much life to it. The Hague, like DC, showed that I know nothing and was a buzzing city to enjoy some spring sunshine.

Although the Hague is the country’s third biggest city, it is very walkable and, unless you’re heading to the beach, easy to get around on foot in no time at all.

The Hague Tower, a bit out of town, gives a great view over the city. The Binnenhof area mixes lovely architecture with a bustling square, and the area around the cathedral had food trucks and live music. Perfect for such nice weather.

The Hague

M.C. Escher museum

The Hague from up high


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