Reykjavik, Iceland

Better the second time around.

My first trip to Reykjavik was not great. This was due to a mix of awful weather, terrible organisation of the Northern Lights tour and just not being particularly enthused by the city.

On my way to Ilulissat I had one night in Reykjavik either side of my trip to Greenland. This is purely for convenience and to make sure flight times with different airlines/airports worked for me. The Ilulissat flight left from Reykjavik City Airport, which meant there wasn’t even any transport needed the next day, just a 15 minute walk to the airport.

I had a fairly typical stopover plan: a bit of a wander round in the nice weather, get food, get a beer. The weather was great, the sunset was fantastic, but it being Easter weekend meant a lot of restaurants and bars, including the pizza place with no name and Mikkeller and Friends, were closed. Skúli Craft Bar was open and was perfect for a few drinks.

Despite it being a stopover, Reykjavik was far better the second time around.


Reykjavik sunset




Author: eight02701

Hello! I'm Andy. I travel quite a lot and often work away from home. When I'm away I like to wander and take photos. All of the photos on here were taken by me. This isn't intended to be a travel blog with lots of funny stories, detailed information and recommendations. This blog is bringing my travels and trips from the past few years alongside photos I took on the way. Drop me a note or leave a message if you follow me and I'll happily follow back.

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