Norrköping, Sweden

Norrköping is a medium sized town around 1.5 hours south west of Stockholm. It was a handy stopover for me traveling between Malmo and Stockholm.

I had been to Sweden a couple of times before visiting in October 2015. The stopover was more for convenience to avoid arriving in Stockholm after midnight, instead arriving in Norrköping late on a Sunday night.

A bizarre hotel arrangement meant walking through an office building (I was given the door codes) into a hotel now unstaffed due to the time, where my room had been left unlocked and the key inside. Whatever works!

In all I had a night and half a day in Norrköping. It had been a toss up between there and Linnköping. I got to see the town centre and a wander through an island-like former industrial area and along the river front. Perfectly pleasant on a quiet Monday morning.

Norrköping by day

Getting out



Author: eight02701

Hello! I'm Andy. I travel quite a lot and often work away from home. When I'm away I like to wander and take photos. All of the photos on here were taken by me. This isn't intended to be a travel blog with lots of funny stories, detailed information and recommendations. This blog is bringing my travels and trips from the past few years alongside photos I took on the way. Drop me a note or leave a message if you follow me and I'll happily follow back.

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