The Arctic Circle: Under the Midnight Sun and into the Polar Night

The Arctic region has the very best of nature: snow-capped mountains, the Aurora Borealis, wonderfully scenic coastlines, the ice cap, polar bears, whales, and vast, empty, unspoiled wilderness. It also has two of the most fascinating natural phenomenon, occurring every year without fail. Continue reading “The Arctic Circle: Under the Midnight Sun and into the Polar Night”


Europe: the Baltics to the Arctic

Taking a few weeks to travel around Northern Europe. Continue reading “Europe: the Baltics to the Arctic”


Because who doesn’t love a sunset? Continue reading “Sunsets”

The Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis is one of the most mesmerising sights you may ever see. Gazing upwards as the sky lights up and the Northern Lights starts to put on a show is a real buzz and one of nature’s greatest events. Continue reading “The Northern Lights”